POLAR (PVDF) coating is a special product for facades and wall panels which offers very good corrosion resistance and due to its smooth structure helps your fa?ade to be clean even in the severe city environment.

Main applications:



  • fa?ade cassettes
  • wall profiles
  • sandwich panels


Nominal coating thickness, µm: 25-40
Back coating thickness, µm: from 6
Surface aspect: smooth
Max operating temperature, оС: 110
Min operating temperature, оС: -60
Min forming temperature, оС: -10
Nominal gloss (Gardner 60°): 25-40
Min bending radius: 1*T

UV radiation resistance (Ruv): Ruv4
Corrosion resistance (RC): RC4 high
Scratch resistance: low ?3000 g
Pencil hardness test: ?H
Discoloration resistance: very high
Stain resistance: very high