Our production

Our products are manufactured on the modern equipment produced by BRONX company – leader in coil-coating equipment area,
our color-coating solutions are highly innovative and up-to-date with the customers’ needs.


NORDIC (polyester) coating  is the most common product of prepainted steel range and is widely used in the following applications:
Construction, consumer, agriculture, automotive, shipbuilding


In comparison with the regular NORDIC (POLYESTER), NORDIC MATT (MATT POLYESTER) provides better resistance to corrosion and atmospheric precipitation. NORDIC MATT (MATT POLYESTER) has a grain surface aspect  which gives the end-product noble and elegant appearance.  Recent years MATT POLYESTER became a widely used roofing material in Central and Eastern Europe.

Main applications: Construction, agriculture


ARCTIC (polyurethane) is the most suitable coating for roofing, wall panels and rainwater system manufacture in the severe weather conditions of Northern Europe. Due to ARCTIC’s (polyurethane) top coating thickness which is 50 microns, it provides top class durability as well as excellent resistance to UV radiation and corrosion resistance. ARCTIC (polyurethane) coating is highly resistant to scratches and stains, which makes it easy to keep the end-product clean and shiny.

Main applications: Construction, consumer, automotive


ARCTIC MATT ( matt polyurethane) is the same top class coating as ARCTIC MATT ( matt polyurethane) which offers a more structured  and elegant surface aspect. Applications are the same as for ARCTIC (polyurethane)

Main applications: Construction


POLAR (PVDF) coating is a special product for facades and wall panels which offers very good corrosion resistance and due to its smooth structure helps your fa?ade to be clean even in the severe city environment.

Most common applications: Construction